Mycelium: A Mushling Game

Created by YadCo Games

Expand your mycelium network with the aid of the mythical Mushlings in this 2-4 player board game! IF YOU ARE ALREADY A BACKER, THERE IS NO NEED TO ORDER HERE! Please wait for your survey.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

IMPORTANT: Backerkit Pledge Manager Begins/Late Pledges Open
5 months ago – Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 06:39:07 AM

The Pledge Manager Invites are On Their Way!

Backerkit is the platform used to finalize your order. No account is necessary to fill out your survey. You only need to follow the link included in the email from YadCo Games (with a email address). Backerkit will allow you to:

  • Review your rewards
  • Provide/change your shipping address
  • Add more items
  • Pay shipping


Starting today, an email with a link to the pledge manager will be sent to 5% of backers. After a few days, all other backers will receive their email link too (near the end of this week). This allows us to find any issues and fix them before all 4000+ of you run into them. 

The Surveys

After the smoke test, all backers should have their surveys before January 16th. If you don't receive a link by that time, email me at [email protected]. You have until February 15th to respond. You may make changes to your survey before they close, but you may change your address until we are ready to start fulfillment. You must respond to receive your rewards! If you ever lose your link, you can request a new one here by clicking "Lost Your Survey?":

All add-ons and items should be in your cart already. Your cards will be charged for any Backerkit balances later, a few weeks before shipping. I will keep you updated on when exactly that will be so you know to expect the charge.

Upgrading Pledge

If you did not pledge to receive a reward, but would like to upgrade your pledge, this survey is your chance to do so! You must change your pledge level to either Standard or Deluxe in order to add a copy of the game to your order. Below is an image of where to click to do that.

Click Switch your Pledge Level to upgrade your pledge to receive a copy of the game

If you already move past this page, don't worry, you may still change your pledge level by clicking on your pledge level and selecting change pledge level.

Shipping Costs

I was able to keep all shipping cost accurate to the estimates shown in the table! If something doesn't match up right, please let me know and I will correct it. There should be no surprises.

Late Pledges/Preorder Store

If you are new around these parts, Late Pledges will also be available now (closing February 15th).  Late Pledgers will NOT be able to purchase the Deluxe Edition, but may get the 2 add-ons included in the Deluxe Edition. If you missed your chance to back, you have about a month to make a preorder! Preorder/Late Pledges will be handled along side the rest of the backers, so stay tuned for updates about manufacturing, credit card charges, shipping, etc.


All verified retail stores will also receive a link to the pledge manager. If you haven't verified your store location yet you must do this first! Shipping will be charged later depending on the order, so we can get a more accurate shipping cost.

Thank you all again

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message me! I'd be happy to help :)

Heads Up! Late Pledges/Preorder Store Open Tomorrow!
5 months ago – Mon, Jan 09, 2023 at 01:36:13 PM

Late Pledges

The link near the top of the Kickstarter page will be updated tomorrow to allow Late Pledges. This is a preorder store for anyone who missed their chance to back the game. Late Pledgers will NOT be able to purchase Deluxe Editions. This store closes the same time everyone's surveys close (February 15th).

Everything is still on schedule!

Which means we will start sending surveys tomorrow with a "Smoke Test". The Smoke Test is when 5% of backers will receive their surveys, and then after a few days all other backers will receive their email too. This allows us to catch any issues before you all receive the surveys. All backers should receive their survey links before January 16th. Stay tuned for a more detailed email tomorrow on how Backerkit works and some important info to know. You must respond to receive your rewards! So it is very important to keep an eye out for these emails. Hopefully tomorrows update answers any questions you may have, but if not feel free to reach out to me with anything left unanswered :)

Thank You All So Mush!
5 months ago – Thu, Dec 22, 2022 at 01:37:01 AM

Thank You!

The campaign has come to a close, and it is thanks to each one of you that Mycelium: A Mushling Game will come to life in its most complete form! As a new designer/self publisher, it means so much to me that you took interest in this game and backed it despite me being a first time creator. 4000+ backers is absurd and I won't let you all down! I'm looking forward to a smooth delivery of this game, and many more things to come. I also couldn't have done any of this without Abi and her fantastic artwork. Again, she has done so much more than just the illustrations for this game. She is a huge help to the graphic design, writing, Kickstarter page, promotion, and she also has playtested this game countless times in our early process. So a big thank you to Abi :)

What's Next?

The next step is the pledge manager. ALL BACKERS MUST RESPOND TO THE PLEDGE MANAGER SURVEY AND PAY SHIPPING TO RECEIVE THEIR REWARDS! This will come from a Kickstarter email sent by me with a link to Backerkit. Backerkit is our official pledge manager platform for this campaign. It is very important that you stay on the lookout for that email, and I'll pepper in some other updates to remind everyone when it ends. I've used Backerkit many times for other projects I backed, and I can assure you it's a fast process to confirm your rewards. As mentioned previously, I'm hoping to open the pledge manager around January 10th, but I'll let everyone know the exact dates. You can expect the pledge manager to be open for a little over a month. This means you can adjust your order and add items during this time. After it closes, you may still change your address right up until we begin fulfillment. I will follow up with another detailed update specifically about Backerkit right before it opens, but if you have any burning questions I'd be happy to answer them!

Retail level pledgers will also be required to process their order details during this period on Backerkit, but I will be reaching out via email to each retail backer soon to verfiy their store status. If you have a retail level pledge and are not confirmed to be a real store, you will not be refunded for your pledge!

Besides these critical things, I'll be providing you with updates on the games progress as we go from where we are now (completed art, nearly finished graphic design) to the games at your door!

Missed it?

If you haven't backed yet, the pledge manager period will also allow "late pledgers" to order copies of the Standard Edition only and any add-ons. This link will be available at the top of the page as soon as it is open.

Last Hero Mushling Name Vote Results!

Meet the winner, Morty the Trumpet! Morty won by a decent amount, with Pileus Piper and Sprouted Siren tied for second. Thanks to all who participated in these votes. We had a lot of fun watching the results come in :)

LAST DAY! All Stretch Goals Unlocked!
6 months ago – Mon, Dec 19, 2022 at 07:15:11 AM

Less than 24 Hours left!

We are happy to say we have made it to the last day of the campaign with outstanding support from all of you :) This is the last chance to become a backer of this game, and get access to the Deluxe Edition (late pledgers will NOT be able to purchase the Deluxe Edition)!

First Timeline!

I'm excited to share this rough timeline with you all of what's happening when. As we've said before, we are working hard to get everything out to you as soon as possible. Here's an idea of what to expect when:

  • Now: Artwork complete!
  • Until February: File verification with manufacturer
  • January 10thish: Pledge Manager surveys sent out (late pledges during this time)
  • February 15thish: Pledge Manager surveys due (no more late pledges, may still change address)
  • Right after that: Manufacturing process begins
  • Before shipping: Credit cards charged for shipping and any pledge manager add-ons
  • Right before shipping: addresses locked in
  • Sometime before October: Shipping time!

I will be keeping you all up to date with more accurate dates as things proceed, and will send reminders for important actions on your end (surveys, address changes, when credit cards get charged). As you can see, we are planning to manufacture very soon after launch, and do our best to get these games to you sooner than later. I'm really feeling good about fulfillment before October 2023! Abi Toads has kicked it into maximum overdrive as we have been finalizing the files, finishing the graphic design, and we are both looking forward to a nice holiday break.

Thank you all again for sharing this and supporting us! We are looking forward to a great final day of funding!

Last Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Still can't believe we are already at $200k! Introducing the last additional Hero Mushling Card, King Bolete itself. This Mushling is highly respected in the Mycelium forest. What kind of decree will you make?

$175,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked!!! Add-On PSA
6 months ago – Mon, Dec 19, 2022 at 06:15:39 AM

3000+ Backers!

And we still have 3 days left?! This is unreal. Thank you all for supporting our very first game :) We are super excited to get these games to you and are already starting the file verification process. I'll have a timeline of when we expect key processes to finish before the end of the campaign, so stay tuned for that update!

Meet the new Hero Mushling, Mycol!

Mycol has all the connections to the most popular Mushlings in the forest. A masterful recruiter, Mycol can get you the Mushlings you need on your team, but not without laying off a few of your current members :( This Hero Mushling Card is now added to both editions of the game!

Add-On PSA

I mentioned this in an earlier update, but since there's so many new people here I think it's worth mentioning again. 2 add-ons, Deluxe Hero Mushlings and Captain Mushling Mini Expansion, are both already included in the Deluxe Edition pledge! However, the new $3 Add-On Gatherer Mushling Meeples are NOT included in the Deluxe Edition pledge. While we appreciate the extra support, feel free to adjust your pledge if you would not like duplicates of the Deluxe Hero Mushlings and the Captain Mushling Mini Expansion.