Mycelium: A Mushling Game

Created by YadCo Games

Expand your mycelium network with the aid of the mythical Mushlings in this 2-4 player board game! IF YOU ARE ALREADY A BACKER, THERE IS NO NEED TO ORDER HERE! Please wait for your survey.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

March Progress Update: Meeple Samples!
11 days ago – Mon, Mar 13, 2023 at 03:10:18 PM

Deluxe Meeples and Captain Meeple Samples Arrived!

I just received the first samples of the Deluxe Gatherer Mushling Meeples and the Captain Mushling Meeples. I love the way they turned out, and I'm excited to share some pics of these fellas with you all!

Beige Deluxe Meeples
Blue Deluxe Meeples
Red Deluxe Meeples
Green Deluxe Meeples
Captain Mushling Meeples

Samples of the Add-On Meeples are in progress too, so I'll be sure to share photos of them as well when I get my hands on them :)

PPC Underway!

The pre-production copy (PPC) process has been started with the first manufacturing deposit to our fantastic manufacturer, Panda Games. With some minor adjustments to some previously approved files, all proofs of the files are now approved. Nothing is stopping us from moving forward to getting the pre-production copy started!

Table Top Simulator Mods Updated!

A bit late, but I got around to updating the TTS versions of Mycelium with the final cards. The biggest changes you'd notice are the Hero Mushling cards with full artwork (12 cards instead of 8 because of the stretch goals), the updated rulebook, and a much needed Nutrient Card symbol change to make things easier to read.  If you want to check out all the latest components in digital form, check out the TTS mods I made here:

Also remember to turn Mod Threading off if you are having issues loading the game.

Missed the Pledge Manager?

We are well passed the deadline, but if you missed the Backerkit Pledge Manager, reach out to me ASAP either via Kickstarter or email at

The earlier you reach out the better the chance to get a copy of the game. Do not wait until others are receiving their copies to realize you never completed the Backerkit survey!

Orders locking tonight at Midnight (EST)!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 10:06:00 AM

Make any last minute changes!

This is your last chance to make any changes to your order. This is also your last chance to complete the Backerkit survey, which includes both providing an address AND entering a card to pay for shipping. I will be locking orders at midnight tonight (EST) so we can move forward with our manufacturer. Remember that if you do not complete the survey in time, you may never receive your game. If you somehow miss the deadline, email me ASAP and I will see what we can do for you (depends how late you respond).

Preorders/Late Pledges Closed!

Preorders/Late Pledges have closed and we will not accept any more orders. Aside from the last few backers completing their surveys, this means we have a final count of about 4200 copies of Mycelium to deliver! This is unreal and I couldn't imagine we'd get this far when I was first quoted for the game. Thank you all for the incredible support and we are so excited for all of you to get the game :)

Last Chance to Complete Backerkit Form to Receive Game!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Feb 13, 2023 at 09:31:55 AM

Pledge Manager Closes Wednesday (2/15/2023)!

If you have not completed your Backerkit survey yet, you have until this Wednesday to do so! We want to make sure all our backers receive the games they pledged for. If you do not complete the survey in time, you may never receive your rewards! If you are having trouble, need something changed, or just want to confirm everything is ok with your order, email me at 90% of all backers have already completed their surveys, but I want to make sure that last 10% does not miss their chance.

Progress Update

We plan to finish the final version of the rulebook this week, keeping everything on track to get into the early stages of the manufacturing process soon. Aside from the rulebook and some add-on packaging details, all game files have been uploaded to Panda and approved! If you weren't aware, Panda Games Manufacturing is our manufacturer for Mycelium, and they have been awesome to work with. They made the Gatherer Mushling meeples seen in our video as a prototype for us, and we love the quality already. We are super excited to receive the Deluxe and Add-on meeples and will be sure to post pictures and videos of those lil cuties when we get them. 

After getting these last files squared away, I'll be working on finalizing our fulfillment plan. We are using 4 fulfillment warehouses to cover US, EU/UK, Canada, and AU/NZ areas. Once the pledge manager closes Wednesday, we will know exactly what is going to each one!

1 Week Left Before Pledge Manager Closes!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Feb 08, 2023 at 09:49:23 AM

You must complete the Backerkit survey to receive your rewards!

There's still a decent amount of backers who have not provided an address or provided a card to pay for shipping. We are starting manufacturing right after the pledge manager closes, so I can not guarantee rewards to any backers who do not complete the survey by February 15th. If you need to review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page at If you need help with anything email me at

Last chance to make changes!

If you have completed the survey on Backerkit (thank you!), you have until the 15th to make any adjustments to your order. However, you will have until we are ready to begin fulfillment to change your address. I will send reminders before addresses are locked, so don't stress if you plan on moving soon!

If you aren't a backer and are just snooping through these updates, Late Pledges/Preorders also close on the 15th!

Rulebook Concerns?

As we wrap up the technical details of our design files, the rulebook is the last to go. While we've been making edits on our end in this last week, I would love to hear any concerns or changes that you think would be helpful to have in the rulebook. Doesn't matter how big or small, even if it's just an opinion or personal preference. I want to hear it all! Link to the Rulebook below for reference.

Click to view up to date rulebook!

2 Weeks Left for Backerkit and Insert Design Preview
about 2 months ago – Wed, Feb 01, 2023 at 10:29:13 AM

Orders locked in 2 weeks!

16% of Backers Have Not Completed the Backerkit Survey Yet!

If you have not completed the survey by now, time is running out to do so! The Backerkit surveys close February 15th, and orders will be locked in. If you do not complete your survey in time, you may never receive your rewards. If you have any questions about your order or want to double check something, send me an email at and I will be happy to help :)

If you have completed the survey already, but want to make changes to your order, you also have 2 weeks to do so. However, you will have until fulfillment begins to change your address.

Insert Design Preview

I had the pleasure of working with Matt Healey who designed the insert for this game! Matt is a master of his craft and has designed dozens of inserts for other games. His designs not only keep things organized, but make setup faster as he will take the time to understand the rules of the games he designs for. I even got to meet Matt in person at PAX Unplugged and show him the game, so he really knows what's going on with Mycelium's components. If you are looking for someone to design an insert for your board game, I highly recommend Matt Healey (website).

Here is a preview of the design! Some details will change, like rounded corners and such, but this is the final layout of the insert.

Preview of insert design

There is room for all cards to be sleeved! Each colony color has it's own spot for wooden piece storage. I even 3D printed this design at home, so I can test how easy it is to pull things out of the box. While the Deluxe Edition is almost completely full with components, there will be space in the box for those of you who got an extra 12 Add-On Gatherer Mushling meeples :)

Progress Update

File verification is underway as our manufacturer returns from CNY! We should still be on track to start the manufacturing process around February 15th, when orders lock in. If everything goes smoothly and as planned, you'll be getting your games much earlier than expected! But I'd bet there will be a delay somewhere down the line, which is why there is an October ship date estimate.